The Baby Pigeons Five Days Later

The pigeon flew off the nest today, so I took it as a sign that it was time to visit the babies again.

It only takes me a couple of minutes to get the ladder and take a picture.  I don’t want to stress the mother pigeon or the babies, but I do like seeing their progress.  They look so much different than the last picture I took five days ago.

Soon they’ll be flying.  I can imagine them landing on the chairs and haybales and all the other stuff we have in the barn.  It’s a good place to learn to fly.  Especially since Minnie is spending most of her time on the back porch.

2 thoughts on “The Baby Pigeons Five Days Later

  1. Wow, what a difference five days can make! It’s good to see them thriving. I imagine they’ll be safer with Flo out of the picture too. When I think of Spring, the first thing that comes to mind are baby birds and bright green grass and budding leaves. You have them all. Nice!

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