Pulling Some Pieces Together

I eased into my day by sewing together the scraps on my work table then raiding my scrap bin to finish them off.

I also strung together the Painted Hankie Banners for The Mansions. I’ll drop them off on Wednesday and take a picture of them hanging the next time I’m there.  In a couple of weeks, we’ll be making felted bracelets with the roving that Suzy Fatzinger sent me.  We made them once before years ago with my roving, so I’ll have to get back on Youtube to remind myself how to make them.

Tomorrow I’ll make some more Geranium Potholders, before getting back to my “Sparrows in The Hen House”.  

2 thoughts on “Pulling Some Pieces Together

  1. Maria, I like your potholders. Have you ever thought about making aprons I think they would be lovely.

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