Sparrows In The Hen House

I want to work more with putting paint on fabric then stitching around it like I did with my Pocket of Joy Potholders.

I have this idea to do something similar with something I saw on the farm a few weeks ago.

The sparrows that live in the barn and woodshed are brazen.  They hang out in the doorway of the Chicken coop, and even go in the coop to eat the laying mash.  What I saw were  two sparrows sitting in the doorway and White Hen standing on the ground looking up at them.

I’ve been thinking of painting and stitching this image since I saw it.  Today I began working on it.

I’m not there yet, but I think I’m getting closer.

I love the imperfection that comes with stitching around the paint.  How there is no way to keep the paint within the lines.  Working this way frees me up so my drawing aren’t as tight.  And hopefully feel more alive.

I’ll continue working on this idea and hopefully get to a place where it works.

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