Practicing Being Present

My natural way is to jump into the morning, thinking of everything I have to do and want to get done.  But when I go to my studio with my head full,  it’s hard to stay focused.  Yesterday I was trying to work on three things at once.

Today I’m taking it slower.  Jon and I started the day with a meditation and I’m going to practice staying present, thinking only of what I’m doing at the moment.

I look to the animals around me for guidance, they are so much better at being in the moment than I am.

2 thoughts on “Practicing Being Present

  1. Your animals know how to live: IN THE MOMENT. They don’t have a concept about tomorrow or this afternoon or even the next hour: they just focus on the “now.” Hard (if not impossible) for humans to do, but good to at least try. You do good work in this world, Maria; I hope you know that.

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