Jon’s “Bow Toe” All Healed

Jon at the Kickstarter Cafe for breakfast this morning

Jon’s foot is healing wonderfully.  His surgeon gave him the ok to wear his regular shoe again.  No more worrying about infection and soon Jon will get a new brace and be walking whenever and where ever he wants to again.

Today was the first time I didn’t take my sketch pad out in the waiting room and do a drawing. I’m not sure why, I think I was just enjoying the anticipation of it being over.

It’s been a few years coming. We celebrated this morning when we went out to breakfast, both of us feeling lighter than we have in some time.

Tomorrow Jon will have another surgery.  This time for a kidney stone.  It will be an easier surgery than the last although he has little information on what the recovery will be like.  But with the success of his foot surgery, we’re both feeling optimistic.

I will bring my sketch pad to the surgery center tomorrow.  When I’m waiting for something, my energy is best spent either cleaning, walking, or drawing.  Tomorrow I’ll be drawing.

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