Rotational Grazing

This morning and for the next five or six days, the sheep and donkeys will be grazing in the south pasture again.

After a week without being grazed,  the grass in the south pasture has popped up again, like a mowed lawn. And now the crab apple tree, the deep purple lilac, and the cherry tree, all lining the fence, are in bloom.

6 thoughts on “Rotational Grazing

  1. This is such a pretty peaceful scene. The way the donkeys and sheep are framed by the apple blossoms while they enjoy the green grass is gorgeous. Maria, you outdid yourself with this one! I keep coming back to look at it.

  2. Hello Maria- wow. You did it again! This photo is perfectly framed- and the light through the blossoms. Oh my. Thank you for this. It made my eyes smile.

  3. This beautiful picture could easily be a print. I love the framing and how the animals are just a little out of focus. It’s dreamy ☺️

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