“Blue Earth”, A New Quilt

Anne’s blue linen jacket

Two things happened.

I told  Alexis that the next blue quilt I made she would have first choice in buying it.  It has to be more than a year that she’s been trying to buy one of my quilts, and they are always sold before she contacts me.

The second thing was my friend Anne gave me two linen dresses with jackets.  One white, the other blue, both with gray flowers on them.

I knew when I saw the blue one that it would be my next blue quilt.

The cut-up jacket

I started working on it today.

I cut up the blue jacket, one flower to a square.  Then I pulled a bunch of fabric I thought might work with the linen and piled it on my work table.

Next, I emptied my mind and let the fabric guide me.

It took me in one direction, basically using the linen and one other fabric.  I sewed together a big square, was uncertain of it, so I took a break and had some lunch.

When I got back to my studio I looked at what I had done and knew it was a warm-up.  Like scribbling on a piece of newsprint with charcoal before life-drawing class.

So I got out my seam ripper and started pulling it apart.  I left the pieces that looked good together then started adding more fabric building up the small squares.

Above is what I had at the end of the day.

Flowers and sky and water, the name came to me as I was working on it, Blue Earth. 

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