Fanny And Lulu Love The Farrier

Matt taking care of Fanny’s abscess.  Photo by Jon Katz

Fanny has been limping on and off for about a week.  I’d clean her hoof and she’d seem to be fine, then the next day she’d be limping again.

Our farrier Matt came this morning and took care of the abscess in Fanny’s hoof.  He cut away at the hoof until he cut into the abscess and puss oozed out.

Matt used some of the self-sticking tape that I had used on Jon’s foot and he wrapped Fanny’s hoof with it.  Then he covered it with duct tape.  It will probably come off in a few days and I’ll replace it if it does.

He also found an abscess in her other front hoof, but this one she had broken herself, probably on a rock.  He said that was pretty unusual.

Matt said that an abscess will eventually work its way out of the side of the hoof if it isn’t broken, so the puss can be released.  He said it’s similar to having a blood blister under a nail.

Both donkeys also got their hooves trimmed.  I went to get the tape for Fanny’s foot and when I came back Matt was trimming Lulu’s hooves.  Usually, I’d be there holding onto the halter and scratching her ears, but she just stood there for Matt and let him do his work.

Matt doesn’t have many if any other donkey clients.  But he’s always there when Fanny and Lulu need him.   He seems to like them as much as they like him.

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