Tiny WildFlowers Growing In The Pasture

Thyme Leaved Speedwell

The animals were grazing, Fate was running around them with each wave of my hand.  When I looked down, I was the pasture was dotted with tiny white flowers.  They were so small I had to use my iPhone camera to see them.

The speck of flower reminded me of a combination of a pansy and a petunia.  There is a wonderful feature on the iPhone camera which identifies plants when tapped on.    It’s not always accurate and sometimes comes up blank.  But I always check the plant, tree, or flower online and in my guidebooks too.

I know I’ve seen this tiny flower before, but I never took the time to really look at it.

Mouse ear Chickweed

Another tiny flower I saw growing in the pasture is Mouse-ear Chickweed.  It along with the Thyme Leaved Speedwell originated in Europe.  The leaves are edible, but I can’t image how much a person would have to harvest to get even the smallest side of greens.  Tiny as it is, its nectar still attracts bees and flies.

I’ll stick to harvesting the stinging nettles that grow in the barnyard for tea. I just ran out of last year’s batch, so I’ll be sure to dry more this year.  It’s in the spring and fall when I drink the most nettle tea since it’s good for hay fever.

Stinging nettles growing in the barnyard

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