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If you like watching my videos, witnessing my creative process, seeing my photos or if you find meaning in my writing, you can support it all by making a donation to my blog.

It’s easy, just click here.   You can make a one-time or monthly donation in any amount.   I take Paypal and Venmo or you can send a check to Maria Wulf  PO Box205 Cambridge NY 12816.

You can also make a donation to my blog anytime by clicking on the Support My Blog button on the top of my blog.

My blog takes a lot of time and work.  I write and take pictures and videos six days a week to make it what it is.  It’s also expensive to maintain.  When you donate to my blog, you’re simply paying for the work I’m doing, that you get to enjoying.

Maybe you watched one of my Thirty-Second Meditations and it gave you a moment of peace or you saw a picture of Fanny and Lulu that makes you smile. You can just click on the Support my Blog button and leave a dollar or two.

I love the work I do and I so appreciate everyone who already makes monthly donations and made one time donations in the past. I’m also thankful for all of you who support my work by buying my art.

I receive monthly donations ranging  from $1 to $50.  I appreciate them all.   If everyone who reads my blog sent a dollar a month…. well you know how that goes.

I also understand there are many people who read my blog who can’t send a donation or don’t want to.  I get that.  I’m glad to have you there no matter how you participate, (as long as you’re nice about it.) :)

My blog has become as much about my art as the work I do in my studio.

I’ve recently added a new kind of writing to my blog called Notes.  It began when I was walking in the woods one day and I  recorded, on my iPhone, the words and thoughts that came into my head.

When I told Jon about it he suggested I use the Notes on my blog directly instead of working them into a piece of writing which is how I thought to use them.  “It’s more direct, and brings the reader into the moment,” he said.

I took his advice and find that now I have Notes from all over the farm as well as from the woods that find their way onto my blog.

Some things are dependable on my blog, like my Monday Morning Videos, which I’ve been making for over eight years.  But my blog, like the rest of my art and my life is constantly evolving.

And you are all invited to come along with me and witness that evolution.

So if you choose to leave a donation along the way, to pay me for the work I do…I’d truly appreciate it.

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