Blue Earth Layers

I got caught up in it and forgot to take pictures along the way.

I found the gray and white Batik fish fabric yesterday just before Bellydancing Class.  That was the key to everything that came after.

I’m thinking of the layers of earth, the elements and life.

I’m picturing some solid blue next to wrap it up and hold it all together.  But I won’t know for sure until I do it.

4 thoughts on “Blue Earth Layers

  1. Just a note about the name of your quilt Blue Earth. I live in southern Minnesota. 24 miles from Mankato which is the county seat of Blue Earth County. Blue Earth was named after the blue clay found along the Blue Earth River. A special clay around here. The name Blue Earth is a translation of the Dakota Indian word Mahkato meaning Greenish blue earth. Just thought you might be interested in that little tidbit of information.

    1. Thank you Cindy, that’s really interesting. And although I’ve heard of Mahkato, I didn’t know it’s meaning. Makes me feel oddly connected to this place I’ve never been before.

  2. I know it’s evolving but I’m seeing a country kitchen door with windows to the sky o either side. Maybe it’s in Blue Earth Wisconsin

    1. That’s a nice image Judy. And I love the connection to Blue Earth Wisconsin, even though I’d never heard of it before making and naming this quilt. 🙂

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