14 New Potholders For Sale. Geraniums, Clay Pots, Scrap Bin And Pocket Of Joy

Geranium and Clay Pot Potholders for sale in  my Etsy Shop. 

I finished up a new batch of Potholders today.  There is a gardening theme to some of them.  These geraniums and clay pots came from a tablecloth someone sent me a few years ago.

I guess with all the early gardening I’ve been doing they were a natural. I have a few geraniums that go outside in the summer and come in during the winter. They bloom all year.

My Garden Potholders are $22 each plus $5 shipping for one or more.  You can see them all and buy them here. 

Scrap Bin Potholders You can see them and buy them here.

I also have a few Scrap Bin Potholders.  These came about as I was trying to make sense of the small scraps of fabric that were left on my worktable. I had to branch out into my scrap bin to complete them, but I did use up all the small scraps that inspired me to begin with.

Pocket Of Joy Potholder  $30 + $5 shipping. You can buy it here. 

I also have two more Pocket Of Joy Potholders. When I was making that potholder last week that I forgot to send to Cheryl, I was having so much fun, I made two more Pockets of Joy. So now they’re for sale in my Etsy Shop too.

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