After Hours

Yellow Wood Sorrel growing in the barnyard.  It’s one of over 300 types of clover. I’ve read it’s very tasty.

Jon and I have gotten good at making our trips to the doctor fun.    On the way into Saratoga to get the process started for Jon’s new orthotic,  we stopped for breakfast at a local diner.  On the way back we got ice cream.  (A chocolate/vanilla twist for me and sugar-free raspberry for Jon).  Then we did a big food shop at Hannaford.

I did get my  Potholders, which I sold over the weekend, in the mail.

I wanted to finish up some potholders I started last week, but I don’t know if I’ll get to my studio today. Maybe I’ll get a few hours in after dinner.

This time of year,  I like being in my studio as the sun is going down.  It has that “after-hours” feel.   The same quiet relaxing feeling I would get in the art room at school when no one else was around.

As if anything I accomplished was extra.

Not that I could begin something creative at this time of day.  Especially if I haven’t been in my studio working already.  It would be a time for finishing up.

But even that might have to wait till tomorrow.

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