Blue Earth, Simply Done

Blue Earth

Blue Earth needed something simple to frame all that pattern on pattern.  I was going to use graduated strips of different shades of blue, but I found it needed that single wide border.

Next week the back, batting, and tacking.

6 thoughts on “Blue Earth, Simply Done

  1. I just love this! I’m so envious of all your gorgeous creations going out to people … if only I lived in the states, and not South Africa, I would have nabbed this one as soon as you started it .
    Kind regards Diane (Cape Town, South Africa).

  2. Love this Maria! I am partial always to blue but even more the balance in this is phenomenal! I smiled broadly when I saw it hanging, and thought oh yes! It makes me feel that it is going to be all right! What is going to feel all right? Why everything. . . just everything. I guess that must be almost a century speaking. But truly, such a good feel heartwork. . .both yours and mine. Thank you for this moment. Veronica

    1. I think sometimes Veronica, I underestimate what is happening in me subconsciously. That feeling of “everything going to be alright”, is just what I was needing. You saw it show up in my quilt.

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