Feels Like Summer. Coneflower And Bee Potholders

Cone Flower and Bee

Taking care of the animals today took up more of my day than I expected.  But in between I did get into my studio and start a new batch of potholders.

I still had flowers on my mind when I was looking through my stash.  So when I saw the cone flower fabric that came in a big box of material from Nancy, I pulled it off the shelf.

I was drawn to the size and feeling of openness that I saw in the image on the fabric. I liked the idea of cropping the flower and using bold colors to give it space to breathe.   I wanted to reflect the simplicity of the image in the finished potholder.

I was able to design five Coneflower Potholders today. I’ll work on more next week.   They feel like summer to me.

The five cone flower potholders, most with bees, that I designed today.

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