Kitty In The Pole Barn

It was so hot at 3pm I decided to let the sheep and donkeys out to graze later in the day.  The pole barn was cool so I sat with them a bit instead.

Fanny and Lulu came over and I scratched they necks and ears.  Issachar tried to eat my hat, but stopped when I told him to.

Then Kitty came into the barn pecking around and visiting with the sheep.

She hung out with Biddy for a while.

Then she made her way out of the barn….

…and went to see Robin.  At first he seemed a bit uncertain.

But when he saw she wasn’t going to bother him, he seemed to enjoy her company.

2 thoughts on “Kitty In The Pole Barn

  1. I was always so fond of Liam and I do miss him but Robin seems to have stepped into the light. He always seems to be thinking about the ways of the world,

    1. I can see that Patsy. He spends a lot of time away from the other sheep, as if he is somehow separate from them even though he is so much a part of the flock. It’s a good observation.

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