Iris The Pigeon Is Flying

Iris and Begonia

I was concerned this morning when I went into the barn and Iris was on the haybales.  When I got too close she didn’t fly up to the ladder but hopped down hiding behind another bale.

Minnie hasn’t been spending a lot of time in the barn, but if she did see the baby pigeon on the hay, I know she’d go after her.

Iris on the hay bale

I closed the barn door crossing my fingers and wishing Iris well.

I hadn’t seen Begonia in the barn since yesterday morning and I was wondering if she was coming back at all.  Still, I assumed that the mother pigeon must be coming back to feed Iris since she still wasn’t able to get food for herself.

After I took a shower, Jon came into the house and told me that he saw five or six pigeons on the pails we keep grain in in the barn.  I was relieved to hear that.  I hadn’t seen another pigeon in the barn, other than Begonia and Iris, since they were big enough to take up all the room in the nest.

And wasn’t I very happy to go in the barn soon after and see both baby pigeons.   Still not able to fly very high Iris was able to make it to the beam on the barn wall just under where Begonia was perched on the old chair hanging on the wall.

Now I know for sure that as long as  Iris is learning to fly, she will not be abandoned by her sibling or her parents.   Once she can fly Iris will be up in the hay loft with the other pigeons where she will have access to the world outside the barn.

I do wonder if Iris and Begonia will still sleep in the hay barn or will find a new place to roost in the loft with the other pigeons.

Begonia and Iris on the ladder

After coming home from making felted bracelets at The Mansion, I went into the barn and both pigeons were on the ladder.

Little by little Iris is learning to fly higher and higher.  Soon she’ll be on the roof of the barn with the rest of the birds.

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