Bedlam Farm Garden Tour Spring 2023

I was up early this morning.  The perfect time to take a garden video, since there is little road noise and lots of bird song.

8 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Garden Tour Spring 2023

  1. It is just wonderful to hear the symphony of birds, insects, sheep, and donkeys in your video. Here in my suburban neighborhood in Maryland, the birds are somewhat depleted. I can still hear a few songbirds from a row of trees, but the sparrows are far fewer than in past years, and I’d have to go further out in the county for the cheerful note of blackbirds … or for farm animals, of course. Thanks for the tour, you have a wonderful garden! Glad you are back home.

    1. I’m glad to be able to bring it to you Sue. I’m still amazed by the birdsong we have here. I know the marsh have a lot to do with the bird population.

  2. Sunday Garden Tour at Bedlam. Oh, I hope this becomes a regular thing. I’ve watched it twice. It’s so nice to see your gardens. I love the Iris and your veggies are huge! The fireworks of color in the hanging basket on your porch is gorgeous:) I’m happy to be gardening again after many years of not having a space to plant roots. It’s so healing, I’m lost in timelessness and light when I’m creating a garden. I love giving back to the butterflies, birds and fairly land creatures that visit by providing water, food, and hiding places. I feel like I’m close to heaven and my beloved when I’m in the garden.

  3. I really enjoyed your garden tour! So,lovely! Your veggies look great!! My husband. John, added the front door to our raised bed garden this weekend. It was a three year project that is now complete and I love it so much! I made a wreath for the front door from birch twigs and box elder.

  4. Your gardens are beautiful! My columbines are in full bloom and are so pretty. Most of our flowers and vegetables were taken out by a rogue hail storm. I cut back all of the damaged leave’s and noticed today that the tomatoes and peppers are recovering as well as the flowers! Mother Nature is wonderful! Have a relaxing night !

    1. We had a freeze that killed some of our flowers and my veggie plants, The hosta have a lot of brown leaves from it. But they do come back!

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