Beginning The First Quilt For Ellen

I started going through my shelves in my mind as soon as I decided that I would make the five quilts for Ellen.  Yesterday I pulled fabric off my shelves and today I started putting some pieces together.

The quilts will all be similar in colors and feeling, so I found myself making piles of fabric that would be the starter pieces for each quilt.  Not that I came up with five or that they will definitely work out.

But it was a place to begin, to get a sense of the fabric I have that I think might work.

I’m going to hit the Senior Center Thrift Shop in town and Second Hand Rose in Schuylerville.  They tend to have older pieces of clothing and bigger pieces of fabric whether it’s drapes or tablecloths,  and often you can fill a bag for $5.

I pulled the squares out of a box that Nancy just sent me.  They were the right colors and feeling especially with the striped fabric I sewed around them. I can’t even remember how long I’ve had those stripes.

It felt good getting started today.

What is most important is that I keep focused on the quilt I’m working on and not think about the others that need to be done.

It will be a good exercise in staying in the moment.

One of the combinations of fabric I will be working with

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