Talking To Fate

I was working in the living room, when Fate jumped up on the ottoman at my feet and looked at me.  I knew it was time to bring the animals in from the pasture, but I wanted to finish up what I was doing.

Fate looked at me, then towards the door…

…then back at me again.  I finally gave in.

6 thoughts on “Talking To Fate

  1. The other day my afternoon went sideways and suddenly it was supper time but Willow looked at me, all anxious and raced to the perch where she gets her medicine. Then, she tucked in to dinner. Good to have a reminder!
    That pot holder is stunning.

    1. oh she even wanted her medicine Carolyn! That’s a smart cat. And you are a smart person to “hear” her. I’m so glad you like the potholder. 🙂

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