The First Quilt For Ellen, Ready For Backing And Tacking

I finished designing the first quilt for Ellen today. I still have to back and tack it, but I think I may start the second before I do.  I’ll have to see how I’m feeling when I get back to my studio.

I have a loose schedule for myself about how much time I can spend on each quilt. I know some may take longer than others, but the time limit keeps me moving.

All five quilts will have similar colors and feel.  They are based on the quilt “Home” that Ellen bought a few months ago.

I got two bags of clothes at the Senior Center Thrift Shop in town today in the same blues and reds.  I’m going to   Second Hand Rose, a thrift store in Schulyerville over the weekend. In both shops, you can usually fill a bag for $5.

I’m already going through the fabric in my studio in my head thinking about what I’ll do next.

Home, the quilt Ellen bought from me a few months ago.

4 thoughts on “The First Quilt For Ellen, Ready For Backing And Tacking

    1. Beth, my quilts are usually around 75″x85″, but they vary in size. I make them regularly and people can buy them from me on my blog. I don’t usually do commissions, but have a few people I enjoy working with and make quilts for them. My quilts are $450 + shipping. Thanks for asking.

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