Quilt #2 For Ellen, Sperry Flour Sack

Cutting up the old quilt top

Jon and I had a busy day.  We left early for Saratoga Springs where he had two appointments and got back in the afternoon.

Both tired, we took a nap, then got to work.  Jon wrote about getting fitted for a new brace for his foot and I went to my studio.

My first quilt for Ellen was folded neatly over the ironing board, but fabric was piled all over the worktable and floor.  To even think of making the next quilt I had to organize it so I would know what I had.

And it was in doing that, that I picked out a few pieces of fabric that would be the beginnings of quilt number 2.

My selection of fabric for the next quilt

The quilt square came from an old hand-pieced quilt top.  Some of the quilt is coming apart, but many of the squares are intact.  I chose one that I felt worked with the Sperry Flour sack and cut it out.

Then I started to piece it together.  I didn’t get too far, but I have a good start to get back to on Monday.



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