Totes And Fabric Scraps At The Mansion

I couldn’t believe all the people sitting around the table at the Mansion today.  Luckily I had just enough canvas totes for everyone who wanted.

Along with the totes, I brought in some very small scraps of fabric that someone sent me a couple of years ago. There was a note in them saying they belonged to her grandma.

I’d call them fabric too small to sew, like all those boxes stuck in basements and attics filled with sting too short to tie.

But they weren’t too small to glue onto the totes with matte medium.

This was a project everyone could do.  There is nothing precise about it and no way to make a mistake.  I handed out the fabric and people took the pieces and stuck them on the canvas totes. The matte medium dries invisible so there’s no worry about using too much.

I brought some special fabric for Art that had antique cars on it.  He lit up when he saw it and was then as interested in the project as everyone else.

There were a few new people there today. And I was glad to have help from Paryese and Robin. All three of us went from person to person, helping out where it was needed.  I never could have helped everyone on my own

Most of the bags we made today. A few people left with theirs before I could take a picture of them

Jon and Zinnia came too.  They visited some of the people who didn’t come to the class.

We both felt like things were getting back to normal for us after our visit.  Because of the problems with his foot, Jon hasn’t been able to go to The Mansion for a while.  But the place and the people there have become a part of our lives.  And when we can’t go there, it feels like something is missing.

I love thinking up protects and teaching these classes at The Mansion.  And the people who come to them seem to enjoy it too.

But it’s also selfish.

It always makes me feel good when I go there. Partly because I feel like I’m doing something good, but I also just like the connections I make with the people who live there.  People I would otherwise never get to know.

Some of the painted Hankie banners we made a couple of months ago.

4 thoughts on “Totes And Fabric Scraps At The Mansion

  1. What a great project. Some of the tote bags have very expressive designs with lots of colors. You are such a great addition to their lives. I can imagine how rewarding that would feel – to bring pleasure and creativity to people in that place, in this phase of their lives.

  2. Do you need any more scraps of fabric? I have some really nice old napkins and some lacy stuff .

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