Beginning The Third Quilt For Ellen With A Vintage Pillow Sham


The 1970s pillow sham

It began with the pillow sham.  I searched through the piles of fabric scattered around my studio after finishing the Sperry Flour Sack Quilt, the second quilt for Ellen.

I put a few pieces of fabric aside, but when I found the pillow sham, I knew that would be the beginning of the third quilt.

I got it over a year ago at the Senior Center Thrift Shop, in town.  A 12-inch pillow sham trimmed in a gold ruffle, clearly from the 1970s.  It had all the right colors though a bit dark and the pattern, too evocative of that time period.

But if I cut it up and placed the smaller squares next to softer fabric, it would be just right.

I started working on it yesterday and continued when Jon and I got back from his Podiatrist early this afternoon.  (I’m happy to say all went well with Jon’s foot.  The stitches came out and his toe is healing.  However, he wasn’t feeling well when we got home and has been resting all day.  He did however sneak outside to take a picture of his new flower).

This is how I left the quilt at the end of the day. More tomorrow.

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