KittyAnne Comes Home

I was coming home from a walk with the dogs when I saw two hens in the south pasture.  The gate was closed and I knew they couldn’t get back to the barnyard.

I called to them and they came running.  When I looked for the third hen and she wasn’t in the hen house I went back to the pasture.  I saw her all the way by the far fence, pecking around in the tall grasses.

When I called to her she came running.  Soon she was back on the right side of the gate and the three hens were reunited.

2 thoughts on “KittyAnne Comes Home

  1. I love the “purrs” chickens make: until you hear it, you’d never think to attribute such a cat-like sound to the species. And it’s so opposite a sound, and more like a conversation, than the raucous alert that they’re laying an egg.

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