Ready For The Pride Parade In Downtown Bennington Vermont

I’m all ready for the Pride Parade and dancing at the block party after.

I’ve never been to a Pride Parade before, but am glad to be supporting Gay and Trans people in this way.  Especially when, once again, governments are trying to ban them and take away their rights in so many states around the country.  It feels like a little something I can do.

We will be dancing at 1pm on School Street in Downtown Bennington Vermont. If it rains we’ll be inside the Unitarian Chruch on the same street.

There will be lots of other performers too so if you live nearby please come and have a good time and show our support.

14 thoughts on “Ready For The Pride Parade In Downtown Bennington Vermont

  1. Maria, you look so nice. Your makeup is beautiful and you look very pretty. Glad the weather is nice for you all too.

  2. As a lesbian, being seen and showing up for our community touches my heart❣️ We all contribute to the love of life quilt and the interconnectedness of all beings. You make a difference with your spirit, creativity, presence, joy of all life, vulnerability, and loving kindness.
    …with deep gratefulness, awe, and love

  3. Your power in this photo,
    quiet, radiant,
    made my heart skip a beat,
    surprising me with tears.
    Bravo Maria.
    And thank you.

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