The Third Quilt For Ellen

Bud is snoring in the bed where Fate usually sleeps and Fate is dozing in the doorway.  Another thunderstorm is on the way.

The blue sky is now covered in gray clouds, the wind is picking up and I can hear the faraway rumbles.

Ellen’s third quilt is folded up on top of the first and second quilts in the guestroom/office.  I still have to back and tack them, but I put them in the house to make room for the next two.

In between each quilt, I clean up my studio and organize the fabric I still have.  In doing this I  get inspired, I find the first two pieces of fabric that will be the beginning of the next quilt.

I did a more thorough cleaning this time.  The rain has made everything, including me feel a bit damp.  I had to get the air flowing, stir things up, create some movement.

I’m pretty sure I’ll have to go hunting for more fabric. But for now, I’ll start with what I have.

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