Another Brood Of Baby Pigeons

pigeon eggshell

Wet with rain on the outside. Wet with baby bird fluids inside.  White outside, and creamy ecru with a smudge of excrement inside.

A sign of new life in the pigeon’s nest above the barn door.

This afternoon two pigeons flew from the nest when I opened the door.  Mother and father changing shifts perhaps.  They take turns sitting on the eggs and I know there are two to hatch.

This is the second brood of the season.

I’ve read they can have six a year, two eggs each time.   But even though I’ve read that pigeons don’t migrate, I don’t remember seeing pigeons in the barn during the winter.  Now I’m wondering if I’m mistaken in thinking they leave and come back in the spring.

I’ll have to pay more attention to them this fall.

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