Cleaning Up The Up Back Porch

Yesterday’s rain inspired me to straighten up the back porch.

I moved Minnie’s wicker throne so now there are two chairs at the table where Jon and I can have a meal if we choose.  I also got rid of those things that didn’t belong on the porch, but were becoming a fixture.

I moved my Rapunzel Chair into the barn.  Minnie no longer sits on it.  And it’s slowly deteriorating, the baling twine slipping, coming undone, and disintegrating.

The Rapunzel Chair is living the natural life a piece of sculpture made of materials that deteriorate.  I’m not really to let it go just yet, but I’m also ok with the idea when the time is right.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up The Up Back Porch

  1. I used to try and hold onto things I created until I finally realized they have their own lifetime and are not meant to last forever. Freeing once I learned to accept the natural deterioration – much like all life, including mine.
    Getting to an age like Jon where I’m accepting the inevitable and thinking of who I want to be in this phase of life.
    Everything begins and ends

    1. I’ve always had that feeling about my art LoisJean. I think it has taught me about the fleeting nature of life itself. Or maybe it’s the other way around, I don’t know anymore.

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