The Fourth Quilt For Ellen, Angels and Animals

The start of the fourth quilt for Ellen

I saw it as I was waking up.  I’m not surprised, I know that Ellen likes the color combination. She bought potholders from me that were similar.

She loved the toile that I used on the quilt “Home” that I made, so when I saw the toile fabric that I had in blue and white I knew I would use it on one of the quilts.  I was also drawn to the angels and animals on the fabric.

(hmm…Angels and Animals, that’s a good name for this quilt)

I had a ton of scraps from Jon’s chambray shirts in all different sizes and shapes. That makes creating a piece like this easy.  I let the scraps dictate the design.

And the touch of red, another thing Ellen likes and works perfectly for the theme of these five quilts.

There are three contrasting fabrics. The flowing organic Toile, the straight lines of the plaid red and white, and solid blue faded to varying degrees.

I’ll add onto this “square”  it will be the center of the quilt.

I don’t know yet what happens after that.  But I just got two boxes of fabric from Marcia with wonderful material in the reds I’m working with on these quilts.

I have a feeling some will show up in this quilt and the next.

2 thoughts on “The Fourth Quilt For Ellen, Angels and Animals

  1. I am really excited to watch the process of the collection of quilts as they reveal themselves. Each distinct, but work together, which is amazing to watch.
    Are these smaller quilts than you usually make? Looks that way, but hard to tell from photos.

    1. I’m keeping them at around 75×82″ LoisJean. That’s the size I think of my quilts although I often go over that lately just because the quilt seems to demand it.

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