Socks On Her Own


Sheep stick together, there’s safety in being in a flock.

I don’t know how much my sheep have adapted to feeling safe at the farm.  If their instincts aren’t as sharp as they used to be.  As far as I know, they have never been threatened by any predator, such as a coyote.

It could be that the donkeys are responsible for that.  That things go on in the night that I’m not aware of.

But from what I’ve heard and seen coyotes respect the boundaries of fences as long as they have enough to eat on the other side of them.

My sheep stick together, for the most part.  But there are wanderers from time to time.  Sometimes a lone sheep is an indication that something is wrong with them.

But this morning when Socks hung back as the rest of the flock ate their way to the back of the pasture, I knew it wasn’t because she was ill.

It may be because I was close by taking pictures.  Or maybe Socks was just too engaged in what she was eating to notice the rest of the sheep had left her behind.

In other circumstances, it could have been dangerous for her.  But here, on the farm, the sheep can safely have some time alone.

And as Fate and I left the pasture, I saw Sock lift her head let out a baa, and run to join the rest of the sheep.

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