Bird Song At The Pond and The Merlin App

The screed of my iphone using the  Merlin App to identity birdsong

I squatted by the pond looking for my frog, but she wasn’t there.  Instead, I listened to the birdsong and remembered what Wendy told me about the Merlin App.  How you can record not just one bird and the app will identify it, but you can record many birds at once.

So I opened the app and recorded the birdsong.

I watched as one bird popped up on my iPhone screen after another.  Once they were all identified, as the individual birds sang, the bird on my screen was highlighted.

I was in a bit of awe to make good use of listening to songs and matching them with the birds.  But that will come.  Today I’m just surprised to see all the different kinds of birds that created the chorus at the pond this moring.


6 thoughts on “Bird Song At The Pond and The Merlin App

  1. I have this app too and think it’s awesome. The first time I tried it, I tested it on what I knew was a cardinal. The app immediately identified it along with a couple other birds I didn’t even hear! It’s really handy to have along on walks.

  2. I love this app too and use it on my walks. Even if I can’t see a bird that is highlighted, I love just hearing it and knowing it’s there!

  3. I LOVE this app! As an avid “amateur enthusiast” birder and birding hike docent at a Conservancy here in the grasslands/low Sierra foothills of Northern California east of Sacramento, I often struggle with bird song ids (unlike my uber-talented Lead Docents and friends). This app is addictive, informative, and makes me feel like a gaming teenager who is unable to pull him/her/themselves away from their phone . I love it! and am glad to know that you have added its education and information to your all-things-Nature pursuits, Maria!

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