News From The Farm

Kim, Suzy, and Lori surrounded by Barn Swallows

The pond is so full of water, Fate won’t go in because it’s too deep.   The ground is soaked from last night’s thunderstorm and this morning’s dew.  The farm is lush.

Today’s sun and heat should dry things out.

Swamp Candle or Bog Loosestrife

The Swamp Candles are blooming in the marsh.

As the day warms the bees find them for their pollen.  I’ve read that Loosestrife such as Swamp Candle is soothing to animals.  People used to tie them to the yoke of their oxen to calm them.

I haven’t seen the baby barn swallows out of the nest yet. But they get bigger and more brazen every day.  Usually, I see them learning to fly around the barn, sitting on the fences and windowsills.


Fate ran round and round the sheep and donkeys as they grazed.  (not really news I guess since she does it every day)


For a while, we were getting three eggs every day. But now we’re back to getting two.

On the back porch the hens are eating the cat food that Minnie doesn’t finish and everyone but the birds, drink from the bird bath.

4 thoughts on “News From The Farm

  1. This is such a beautifully set up photo. There are so many different things happening: with the animals , flowers, statue, and your beautiful hanging basket. I drank it in with my eyes.

  2. It might not be news, but your photo perfectly shows the sheep grazing and not moving, while it is clear Fate is being a speed demon.

    Swamp candles is a new plant for me. Hey thanks

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