Almost Done With The Fifth Quilt Top For Ellen

I got stuck.  Here I am, the last bit on the last quilt,  and I can’t figure out what needs to happen next.

Maybe I don’t want to let it go.  Or maybe I’m just trying too hard.  So I’ll leave it here for today.  And if I still can’t see what goes next tomorrow, I’ll start working on the backings.

I know it will come, it may just take more time than I want it to.

6 thoughts on “Almost Done With The Fifth Quilt Top For Ellen

  1. I love it! My eye is drawn to the inner narrow border that has an opening on the top left side of it, as though something can escape, or come into the inner space- a doorway. I can’t wait to see how it becomes completed. They are all beautiful, each in its own way.

  2. would love to see one photo of them all together, if that is easily doable, the magical ways they are similar and how they are not.

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