Yesterday’s Rain


The rain doesn’t stop the hens. I took this picture yesterday during the rain. That’s White Hen and Asher poking his head out of the barn.

Yesterday’s rain kept me from blogging last night as the power and internet went out once again.  I couldn’t even blog from my iPhone as I sometimes can.

It still takes Jon and me a moment to remember we have a generator when this happens.  Last night as is grew dark, we moved the generator from the barn and plugged it into the special outlet near the back porch.

When we learned the power wasn’t scheduled to come back on till 9:45 we started it up.  I had to re-read my directions from the last time we used it this past winter.  But my drawings and diagrams were good and it came back to me.

We were asleep when the power did come back after midnight.

We are still unsure how much the generator could actually charge, so we were conservative with the electricity we used. It eased our minds knowing the refrigerator was working and that we had running water.  Especially since we weren’t sure, even with the estimates from National Grid, when the power would be back.

With all the flooding in the areas around us, we thought it could be a while.

This morning the sun was out and now it’s breezy and overcast.  There is a small chance of more rain but I think it’s mostly over for now.

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