The Last Quilt For Ellen, Starting To Back and Tack

Not only did I finish designing the Last Quilt, but I have the backing and batting all sewn into place.  It feels good to have gotten to this point and to have begun the next step in completing the five quilts.

I have some large pieces for the backing which will make it go more quickly.  The one I used on the Last quilt came in one of the two boxes of fabric from Marsha.  I used a couple of other pieces of fabric from those boxes on the front of the quilt too. (Thanks again Marsha)

The first quilt

I was going to start backing the quilts in the order that I made them, but when I pulled out the First quilt which has been folded up with the other three, I saw it was a bit wrinkled.  I’ll go over it with the iron too, but I’ve found that the wind does wonders when it comes to ironing clothes on the line.

So I’ll give the wind a chance to do her work first, then I finish it up.

I have a new roll of batting for the quilts.  Behind it on my floor is the Last Quilt face to face with the backing.  I’ve already laid out the batting on top of them both, pinned them and sewed them together.

Tomorrow I’ll be ready to start tacking.

Now I’m off to feed the animals and get ready for Bellydancing Class.

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