Growing Wild On Bedlam Farm


There’s a patch of Horsenettle growing in the corner of the North Pasture. With its thorny stems no one seems interested in eating it which is good because it is poisonous in large quantities.   It does provide pollen for bees and the yellow berries that grow in the fall are food for some birds and rodents.

Red Current Bush

Not too far from the Horsenettle a Red Current bush is growing.  It’s up against the north side of my studio.  It was only last year that I saw the red berries.  There were bunches of them then and there are more this year.

From what I’ve read red currents make a good jelly.  Which makes me wish I wanted to make them into jelly.  I even read a few recipes some marked “easy”.  But they don’t seem easy to me.  So I’ll leave all those red, red, sour berries for the birds and just enjoy looking at them and knowing they are there if I ever choose to make them into something I want to eat.

Swamp mint

The swamp mint was easy to spot.  It looks much like some of the mint that grows in my garden.  I was surprised when I picked a leaf and rubbed it between my fingers that it smelled more like lemons than mint.

It’s growing around the edges of the marsh in the South Pasture.  I haven’t noticed the sheep or donkeys eating it.

Swamp Verbena

The Swamp Verbena is also blooming in the marsh.  Like so many of the wildflowers growing on the farm, it is pollinated by bees, butterflies, and flies.  This one is not poisonous.  The seeds can be roasted and eaten and the leaves made into tea. The leaves and roots have also been used to treat certain ailments including nosebleeds.

12 thoughts on “Growing Wild On Bedlam Farm

  1. I love verbena! It grew all over my grandparents farm and when we moved here to the salt grass prairie I was delighted to see desert verbena growing and blooming on our land. What a versatile flower! Hope you , Jon, and all the animals are safe in the storms!

  2. Horsenettle. This is weird…I don’t remember even knowing of such a flower but last night I dreamt of something almost exactly like it…

    1. Oh That is strange Carolyn! It’s a really unusual plant, with that prominent flower and thorny leaves and stem. The yellow berries are really pretty in the fall.

  3. Currants do make wonderful jelly; maybe some day? But currant muffins are wonderful and maybe Jon would like them on his oatmeal??

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