The Fifth Quilt For Ellen, Red Cherry

Tacking Red Cherry Quilt

I finished backing and tacking the Last Quilt today.  I’ve decided to call it Red Cherry for the blue fabric with the cherries on it.  I was determined to use that fabric.  The colors and pattern was just right for this series of quilts.

I already found the fabric I’ll be using on the next quilt I back.  A large piece of maroon. I think it may be big enough for the whole backing.  If not I’ll just have to add a small strip to it.

I used a large piece of Ticking that Marsha sent me for the back of Red Cherry.  It was perfect with the colors on the front.  I had to add a bit on to it.   When I looked at it after sewing it together, I thought the three fabrics I used would have been a good beginning to a whole other quilt.

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