Bringing Wool To The Mill

The sheep checking out the flooding in the back pasture.  That’s Robin, Lori, Constance, Socks and Asher up front. And Issachar on his way.

For the first time since I’ve brought the wool to the Mill, I wrote down what I’m going with it all.  I don’t know why it took me all these years to think to do that.  This way I’ll have an idea of what I’ll be picking up in the fall.

Here’s what I’m planning on…

Asher and Issachar’s wool be made into roving for spinning, felting and dryer balls.

I’ll keep Robin and Biddy’s wool natural and have it made into yarn.

I’ll mix Lori and Suzy’s wool and keep half of it natural and dye half Teal. I’ll mix Constance and Socks’ wool and dye it Blue and Red.  Both will be dyed over gray wool so the colors will be darker and rich.

And last, I’ll mix all the white wool from Merricat and Kim.  A third will be natural white, a third lavender and a third coral.

That’s my plan, but it can change once I meet up with Deb at the Mill and look through her book of dyes. And of course, I never really know exactly what the colors will look like because the dye lots vary and some will be dyed over gray wool.

But not knowing is part of the creative fun of it all.

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