In My Studio Today

My studio with the First quilt ready to be tacked and a project for The Mansion on the floor.

The plan was to drop off my wool at the Vermont Fiber Mill on Sunday.  Route 73 that gets us into Brandon, Vermont from Route 30 is still closed because of flooding. We will take Route 7 but more rain is expected on Sunday.

So Jon and I will go on Saturday instead when it’s supposed to be good weather.  There is so much flooding already that another storm can close more roads and make travel in parts of Vermont dangerous.

That meant I had to get the paperwork done for my wool today and figure out what I wanted to do with the wool.

But before I did that, I got the back and batting sewn onto another quilt.  It’s the First Quilt I made and I don’t have a name for it other than that.  I still have to tack it, but that will only take another day.  I’m feeling good enough about getting the quilts done that I may take some time next week to make some potholders.

I did one other thing today.

On Tuesday I’ll be going to The Mansion to teach an art class.  I’m still working on the idea I’ve been thinking about.  But it starts with a piece of watercolor paper and some paint splattered on it.

That’s what’s on the floor of my studio in the photo above. I’m thinking about is as “finding a face,” but I have to make one myself before I know exactly how it will work and if it will work.

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