Bringing My Wool The The Vermont Fiber Mill

Picking color dyes at the Vermont Fiber Mill With Deb. That’s all my wool in the black plastic bags

We dropped off my wool at the Vermont Fiber Mill on Saturday. It was twice as much as last spring.  That’s because I didn’t shear the sheep in the fall.  Deb was good enough to take it all, but it will take longer to process.

When I told Deb I wasn’t going to shear my sheep twice a year, she gave my Fall spot to someone else.  That was a mistake on my part.

In the fall I’ll shear the younger sheep, Lori, Robin, Merricat and Constance.  I’ll keep their wool in bags and hope the moths don’t get to it.  Then I’ll bring it with the rest of the wool in the spring.

So even though I’ll only have wool to sell once a year, it will be almost twice as much.

I always fret over my wool.  I’m never quite sure how much to make into yarn, how much to keep natural, how much to dye and what colors.  But it always seems to work out.

Deb and I work well together choosing the right dyes, and going over past orders to figure it out. And I appreciate her making space for the extra wool this year.  If a spot opens up in the Fall, I hope to get back to bringing my wool twice a year.

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