Notes From The Studio, Tacking “Angels and Animals”

Ironing Angels and Animals

Rain again.

I throw a tarp over the two cords of wood delivered yesterday. Back in my studio I’m wet but didn’t mind.  Soon I’ll be dry again.

The swish of cars on Rt 22, the steady beat of raindrops soaking the hosta leaves outside my open door.  The gentle booming of thunder from the other side of the hill.

The satisfying pull of yarn passing through fabric, batting, and fabric again.

Now the sun, bright and hot.  Thunder rumbles till the sky turns slate gray and it rains again.

I spend my day like the rain and sun.  Back and forth as I push the needle and yarn through the fabric and batting, from one end of the quilt to the other.

By the time I tie the last knot, the sun, and blue cloud-filled sky are back again.

4 thoughts on “Notes From The Studio, Tacking “Angels and Animals”

  1. A lovely meditation on the process of quilting. I get excited about rainy days in summer because they are guilt free indoor days.

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