The Twins


Issachar looks smaller than Asher in this photo, but they are really the same size.

Issachar and Asher are hard to tell apart from a distance.  They are twin that look it.

There are some differences though.

Issachar has a white stripe on his nose between his eyes.  Ahsers wool is a bit lighter.  And Asher is a little more outgoing.  Both can be seen as friendly or pushy, depending on what they’re doing.  (Issachar pulled my earring out of my ear once.  I took it out of his mouth and it wasn’t damaged at all)

But they really are very sweet.  They love attention and unlike some of my other sheep don’t mind being touched.

That’s because they were bottle-fed as lambs.

Which is how I came to have them.  Liz, the shearer we had before Ian,  gave them to me because she couldn’t bear to bring them to market.  She and her mother and aunt fed them when their mother wouldn’t.  They all got attached to the twins and I was happy to take them.

The wethers have the softest, most springy wool a mix of Romney, Cormo, and Blue Face Leicester.  There is a lot of it so this year I’m having it all made into roving.  Some for spinners and felters and the rest I’ll make into dryer balls.

Asher and Issachar have a lot of personality.  They are big,  gentle, and love to have their backs scratched.


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