Backing The Last Quilt For Ellen

Trimming the backing to the same size as the quilt top

I’m working on the last quilt for Ellen.   This morning I sewed together the backing.  Then I sewed it,   the batting and the quilt top together.

I stopped after that.

I had three months’ worth of paperwork to catch up on.  So I spent the afternoon in the guestroom/office writing words and numbers into small boxes.  Tomorrow I’ll bring the figures to Anne,  my bookkeeper.

Tomorrow I’ll also finish the last quilt.

I’m calling it “Music”  because of a small scrap of fabric in the quilt with some kind of horn on it.  I think this was the third quilt top I made, but I’d have to check my blog to be sure.  I do remember it was inspired by a vintage pillow sham from the 1970’s.


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