The Two Pigeons From The Second Brood

I haven’t paid attention to the second brood of pigeons like I did the first.  I thought I’d check on them this morning and there they were, almost full-grown.

I haven’t seen evidence of them since I found the broken egg shell a few weeks ago.

They look to me like they’re ready to fly, but I haven’t seen them do it yet.  I wonder if they’re more wary of me than the first two pigeons because they’re not used to me peering into their nest.

They were so still when I climbed the ladder to take this picture.  They never moved the slightest the whole time I was watching them.

The markings on the pigeon up front are the most familiar to me.  But I’ve never seen the dark gray and white pattern that the second pigeon has.  From the little research I’ve done, I think it’s called a T-Check.

Pigeons can have up to four broods a year. I wonder how many more this pigeon couple will have in the nest in the barn.

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