The Chickens, The Egg And Breakfast

White Hen and Anne

I put the egg on the ground for safekeeping while I cleaned up some dog poop.

After just finishing off half a moldy tub of cottage cheese the hens were still interested in the egg.  White Hen pecked at it, but the shell was too tough for just one peck.

That’s when I took the egg back, knowing it wouldn’t last long now that the hens were on to it.

I scrambled it for breakfast with some goat cheese from Caz Acres, dill from Bernard Farm and yogurt from the Argyle Cheese Farmer.  All local farmers.  Then I sauteed a potato and kale from the garden and had it all for breakfast.

I thought it a good trade, the egg for a tub of moldy cottage cheese.  I’m not sure how the hens felt.

4 thoughts on “The Chickens, The Egg And Breakfast

  1. Your breakfast sounds delicious. I’ve been meaning to ask if you would share your pizza dough recipe, even if you use a mix. Your pizza creations always look so good and like you I am learning to eat new and healthy things at least some of the time.

    1. Trish, I don’t make pizza. When Jon has he usually gets dough from a local business. Sorry I can’t help you any further with that.

      1. No problem. I lost my bearings for a minute and thought this was one of jon’s posts (because I do realize he makes the pizza). Sorry about that. My search for a pizza dough recipe continues.

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