Five Quilts For Ellen, All Together

The five quilts for Ellen.

I started working on the quilts for Ellen on June 13th and finished them yesterday. They are each different, yet cohesive as a whole.

Today I stitched their names on the bottom of each and I signed and dated them.

They are hanging on the line in the order that I made them from left to right.  They are:
First Quilt, Sperry Flour Sack, Music, Angels and Animals, and Red Cherry.

I haven’t had a chance to see so many of my quilts hanging side by side since I had a show at the Glens Fall Library when my blog was still called Yes/No Quilts.  That was over 14 years ago.

I’m not complaining,  The reason I don’t have quilts to hang in an exhibit, is because I sell them quickly.  Thank you all for making that happen.  It reminds me how far I’ve come since starting my business and blog in 2008.

And  I do love my work going out into the world, as these quilts will be doing also.

Here they are close up with the sun shining through them….

First Quilt
Sperry Flour Sack
Angels and Animals (the backing on half of this quilt is pink which is why half the quilt has a pinkish tint.  It’s the sun shining through the backing.)  
Red Cherry

4 thoughts on “Five Quilts For Ellen, All Together

  1. They are all lovely, but I am partial to ‘First Quilt’. Doing them all together, with a color theme and time constraint, was such a big project: even with as many as you have created in the past, I hope you’re enjoying a feeling of pride, fulfillment and satisfaction – this was quite an accomplishment. Well done!

    1. I love hearing about peoples favorites Amy. It shows how they each speak to someone. I am feeling good about making them and I do love seeing them all together. 🙂

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