A Day Off…

“I’m taking the next two days off,” I told Jon when I woke up this morning.

Then I went into my studio and finished making my Eden’s Garden Potholders. After that, of course, I had to post them in my Etsy Shop.  But even before I got into my studio, I sent out about 20 Smiling Donkey Stickers.

But I did take a walk with my friend Margaret on her shady lane. It even rained a little on us to help cool us off.

I know I need a break after finishing up Ellen’s five quilts.   On Sunday Jon and I are meeting Ellen and her husband for lunch and I’ll give her the quilts then.

And I do plan on taking a day off.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll put up one post in the morning with a picture and that will be that. I’ll see how I feel.

2 thoughts on “A Day Off…

  1. Such a heartwarming picture of your hens framed by the coneflowers, the chair and the wooden crate, Maria it is a 10.

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