The Garden In Front Of The House


When we moved to the farm there was just a lawn in front of the house.  The first year we started a garden and planted three maple trees.

Now the house is shaded by those maples grown tall and wide, Lilacs, a Magnolia tree, another maple, and a Sycamore.  The front lawn is spouting wildflowers and weeds. The strip of garden in front of the house has adapted to the shade.

Right now it is blooming in yellows, reds oranges, and purples.  A feast for the hummingbirds and the bees.

2 thoughts on “The Garden In Front Of The House

    1. The gardens are constantly changing, as I’m sure you know Marsha. It seems this is a good year for coneflowers in my garden. I used to have more of this bee balm, but it’s less this year.

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