A Visit To The North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show, With Kat

ARTemis by Dave Channon (Close up)

We’ve been doing it for three years now.  One day Kat (aka Kitty) will text me and ask if I want to meet her at the Bennington Museum to see the new outdoor sculpture exhibit.  They change it every year.

We got there early and began the walk through the wildflower garden and into the woods.  Scattered throughout are the sculptures.

I think Dave Channon’s “ARTemis” was our favorite.   She was easy to love with her bow and arrows, pink found object body, and copper mesh hair.  She had a dog too, instead of a deer.  (unfortunately,  I couldn’t get a good picture of the whole sculpture.)

Kat seen through a series of frames hung in the woods. A part of James J Shay’s installation “How I Used To Dream

Kat knew many of the artists either personally or just through their work.  I haven’t been to a museum in so long, but being there today reminded me to make an effort to get to one soon.  Especially now that Jon is able to walk more easily again.

The other sculpture that was dear to my heart is “Lost and Found,” by Angelina Radocchia.

It’s an archway made of bent rebar and other pieces of found metal.  Thin wire adorned the structure, in the same way, someone might use a pencil or fine-tipped marker.  Some lines flowed, some were jagged, others created shapes or ended abruptly.

It was in a way like looking through a much-used spider’s web with all its beautiful imperfections.

Lost and Found by Angelina Radocchia


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